Stepney Star – Kirstie Storey

17th October 2021

Welcome to the next in our series featuring our Stepney Stars – all of these Stars are people who have attended the Equestrian and Activity Club at some point, and we love finding out about what they’ve gone on to achieve!  This month, I’d like to introduce Kirstie Storey.  You’ll all have seen Kirstie at Stepney, and probably been taught by her at some point too!  I’ll let her fill you in on the details;

I have been at Stepney now since 2007 so have been around for 14 years. I originally started as young volunteer, when I had to quickly learn what to do as we had no training back then. After a year I was nominated by staff to become a scholar. This allowed me to receive free stable management and riding training for in return for all my hard work as a volunteer. I was a scholar for around 4 years and managed to achieve my BHS stage 1, riding and road safety and my BHS stage 2 within this time as well as gaining lots of other experiences. Alongside being a scholar, I was also a mentor helping new and less confident volunteers become more confident around the horses and new people.

I have worked at Stepney for the past 7 years, I have gained a lot of skills which has allowed me to adapt my role over the past few years. I started doing a little bit of youth work initially then expanded into doing some yard work and I received training to teach and in addition, I have used my equine and technology skills by being a receptionist. However, these days I am quite happily looking after all of our lovely horses and ponies, and in the arena teaching. I have also just passed my Stage 3 teach!

I have learned so much at Stepney that helps me in life, however one thing that stands out for me is to make sure you always say yes to every opportunity to learn something new. It’s surprising where new opportunities and experiences can take you!

I like to think I have quite a few supporters in my life; my mam and dad would be 2 big supporters but they aren’t horsey in the slightest. My biggest Horsey supporter in life I think so far would have to be Denise (my manager). I remember telling her when I was 16 I didn’t ever want to teach, but now I love it! Denise has always gave me training and helped me learn at every opportunity she can. however has also challenged and pushed me in those tricky times too! She even gave me the opportunity to have my own horse from Stepney too!

I am most looking forward to pushing through my BHS stage 3 in the next 12 months and work towards my stage 4 exam! Also, I am excited to hopefully start competing my horse this year as well!

If I could give any advice to my 10 year old self it would be to always have a goal to achieve as it helps you to keep looking forward!

Wow!  Thanks, Kirstie!  That’s quite a history at Stepney!  I can see how it’s been a constant for you during all of these years, and you’re testament to how young people can thrive with the right support and training!  Very well done on achieving your Stage 3 Teach – and good luck with your studies for the rest of your qualification!