As Denise moves to pastures new

20th October 2021

Many of you will have met Denise firstly in her role as yard manager when she came to Stepney more than 15 years ago.  Instrumental in gaining our British Horse Society Approved status, Denise went on to ensure we maintained a very high standard in horse welfare, and excellence in teaching here at the stables. Many of our staff team have benefitted from her knowledge and skill and been successful in their careers because of her support and mentoring and  many of our riders have enjoyed her excellent lessons too!

Denise then moved into the role of CEO where she was responsible, not only for the running of the riding school, but the work we do with the young people who attend as part of our Equestrian and Activity Club.  Being part of all of the behind the scenes work that’s needed to keep the stables and EAC running, from changing light bulbs to clearing the snow in winter and everything in between, she supported all of our work in arranging events, workshops, trips and training and hundreds of Club Members have enjoyed their time here.  You might have seen that some of our young people have gone on to become members of staff, encouraged to learn and train by Denise.

Inspirational to many, Denise will be missed as she has now moved on to another role in event management. It sounds like something completely different, but her organisational skills will certainly be put to excellent use!

We may not see her at the stables every day, but we know you’ll join us in wishing her all the very best in her new venture and look forward to getting updates about her travels.