Junior Jockys

23rd March 2017

Junior Jockeys Activities (£20 members £23 non members) (3-6yrs old)

Bring your junior Jockey to Stepney for an hour and half of Pony FUN!!!!  30 minutes riding, sing songs to your pony, take them on a journey through a jungle, or maybe even to the seaside!  Then we visit the yard and spend sometime making our ponies lovely and clean with a grooming session – theres often a little glitter involved too!  Finally we will all anjoy some pony related crafts.

Week 1 Tuesday 25th July 1pm – 2.30pm

Week 2 Monday 31st July  12.30 – 2pm

Week 3 Wednesday 9th August  12.30 – 2pm

Week 4 Monday 14th August  12.30 – 2pm

Week 5 Tuesday 22nd August  1pm – 2.30pm

Week 6 Tuesday 29th August  1pm – 2.30pm