The following are just some of the positive things our volunteers are saying about their experiences working with Stepney Bank Stables.

QuoteThe experience of riding at Stepney Bank Stables had many positive benefits for children at Walkergate School. We used the riding and horse care to engage children who were not engaged in a more academic curriculum as well as in a therapeutic way for children who needed more nurture type activities. Over the weeks we would see children's confidence grow from the experience of sitting on the horse and riding it when at first they were quite frightened. For some children it was the first opportunity they had to build up a relationship with an animal and to learn about caring for animals. Quote

Alison Young, Deputy Head, Walkergate Primary

QuoteI had taught _____ for a while in a classroom before yet never realised what a sweetheart he could be.
This is a lad that threw chairs at teachers in mainstream. Of all the students who have been to you recently ____ shows the most independence, initiative and all the other qualities needed to be successful in the workplace. From seeing him in the classroom I would not have anticipated the pleasure he not only gives but gets from leading the autistic riders.

Trinity School

QuoteStepney has made me the confident, happy person I am today. Its not just about the experience of being around the horses, its meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life and interacting with them and growing from those experiences. Stepney is like my first home. Where I live is like my 2nd home. I don’t know what I’d do with out it.Quote


Quote_____ gets a lot out of attending SBS. She has made lots of friends which is good because she has sometimes felt isolated at school. Learning about horses has boosted her confidence tooQuote

Mum of a Junior volunteer

QuoteRiding and volunteering has changed my life so much!Quote


QuoteStepney Banks Stable is a fantastic example of what Investing in Children
seeks to foster. Children and young people are at the heart of the
organisation, their voice is evident across the site. Furthermore, through
the youth council, the young people have a great deal of independence and
autonomy over their ideas for Stepney Banks. This has a great effect on the
young people, who clearly enjoy and take their responsibilities seriously.
Finally, as any visit to the stables makes clear, this is a working
environment, often busy and requiring a great deal of commitment and
self-motivation. The young people have this in spades, and clearly feel very
proud of the work they do, and understand that it is valuable and valued by
the adults in the organisation.
Therefore on behalf of the young people, I recommend that Stepney Bank
Stables achieves the award again.

Marie Stern-Peltz Investing in Children

QuoteI brought a group of 12 children to Stepney Bank Stables just before the
Summer holidays, they had varying needs ranging from Downs Syndrome to
Autism. As a 'horsey person' myself I was really looking forward to the trip
as were the children and the staff who accompanied me. As soon as we walked
in the door the effect this place and experience had on my children was
profound; in 15 years of teaching I don't think I have ever seen anything
like it! All the children listened, cooperated and respected their Stepney
Bank leaders, environment and wonderful ponies. We learnt about taking care
of the ponies and got chance to groom Aubery in her stable, all the children
had a half hour lesson which was quite simply mind blowing - children who
have difficulty walking down stairs were sitting upright and balance on
their ponies and children who have huge sensory and behavioural issues at
home and at school were calm, comfortable and following instructions.
I would recommend this experience to everyone and will certainly be looking
into my SEN budget to make this a regular experience for the children in my
care. Thank you Stepney Bank, you are amazing!

Becky Holmes - Early Years Leader & SENCO at Cragside Primary School, Newcastle

QuoteWe have been attending Stepney Banks Stables to participate in horse riding
sessions. Our children have benefited greatly from these sessions. We
have seen a big improvement in behaviour as our children work toward
attending the sessions each week. The staff at Stepney Banks have been
amazing with our children who have SEMH and autism. When the children are
there we are amazed at how well they listen and respond. It is lovely to
see our children making new relationships, conquering something new and
being proud of their achievements. Thank You!


Quote I was part of the team who organised the pony party on Saturday (3pm slot).

I just wanted to express just how brilliant the experience was. Both mums, mummy bloggers and children all had an amazing time, due to the staff and facilities.

The young lady, Kirstie, who led the lesson was outstanding. She knew each girl's name straight away and handled a very nervous young girl impeccably, putting her so at ease that she felt confident to continue after a wobble. Several of the mums commented on her being a real asset and wonderful with their children.

So a very big thank you from me and all the participants!Quote

Kids Industry