About Us

As well as being a riding school providing high quality riding instruction on well-mannered, well-schooled horses (Company number 03910561), Stepney Bank Stables is also a children and young people’s Project (Charity number 1084687) which has been a vital element of the Byker community for over 20 years. During that time we have supported thousands of young people enabling them to develop important life skills including confidence, self-esteem, resilience, listening, cooperation and teamwork. Income from the riding school is fundamental in sustaining the Project.

For many of our attendees developing these skills has been their first step in the journey to becoming the very best they could be. We have provided training and employment for local people, many of whom were initially members of our volunteer project.

Stepney Bank Stables is approved by the British Horse Society and the Association of British Riding Schools. This means that we have passed rigorous checks to ensure that our horses, facilities and equipment are fit for purpose and that our staff are appropriately qualified and skilled. Come and ride with us and help to support our young people too.

Stepney Bank Stables was honoured by ‘Her Majesty The Queen’ with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award 2003. We have also been awarded an Investing in Children Membership as a result of our continued commitment to involving young people in the planning and delivery of our work and were winners at the Charity Awards receiving a Judges Commendation for our work with children and young people in 2014.

Safeguarding Policy

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Enhancing lives through horses.

We primarily, but not exclusively, engage with 8 to 18 years old children and young people from the local community.

We aim to develop the emotional and social capabilities of our attendees resulting in raised self-esteem, self-confidence, levels of aspiration, employment potential and social mobility.

Our attendees will achieve physical benefits, including an increase in fitness levels, whilst participating in the Equine Activities Club (EAC) which will contribute to their overall wellbeing.

We attract young people from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds creating a mutually beneficial, socially inclusive environment. All young people joining our EAC complete an initial training programme in order to acquire the necessary skills, competencies and knowledge to support others safely and effectively. Included in the EAC is our bespoke project providing young people the opportunity to earn credits towards their riding lessons. Our dedicated Youth Team work tirelessly to create trusting relationships with all our attendees and support them throughout their time at SBS. When EAC membership status is achieved, our young people can access riding lessons and a variety of courses and programmes provided by SBS and our learning partners to further enhance and enrich their lives.


Stepney Bank Stables is committed to making horses accessible to the whole community. By actively promoting progress we aim to raise aspirations, boost self esteem and develop skills which allow all of our volunteers to realise their potential.


We believe that every young person involved in our project has the potential to achieve success and flourish.

We value diversity and celebrate individuality. 

We encourage our young people to develop personally and reach their full potential.

We are committed to supporting our local and wider community and to being an integral and valuable element of both the Ouseburn and wider area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are fully inclusive and welcome individuals of any gender and from all social and ethnic backgrounds.