Stepney Stars

4th December 2020

Welcome to our new feature of highlighting the success of some our young people; Stepney Stars.

The first to feature in our series of Stepney Stars is Amy Miller.  Amy is a Rural Northumbrian Wildlife Artist based in Northumberland.   I’ll let Amy tell you her story.

I started riding at Stepney when I was 6 and volunteered there for years and I learned so many valuable skills. It was like a family when I was there, I have so many amazing memories with friends and ponies.  My love for horses and riding most definitely began at Stepney Bank and I met some of my best friends there.

I left Stepney when I bought my own horse, then when I left school I started working with horses. I loved my time working with horses so much and used all the skills and knowledge I had learned with the ponies at Stepney! I never thought I would do anything else, but during the 2020 lockdown in March I was temporarily off work so I began painting horses and other animals. And like that my business was born!

My mum and dad are the back bone of my business; I’m so lucky to have such supportive people around me. They are always there to help, as is my partner Craig who has often found himself packaging cards with me on an evening! All of my family and friends have been a huge support and really helped me build my business to the point where I could leave my job to do pursue this full time.


Thanks for telling us your story, Amy.  We love your work and wish you every success for your future.  We’ll be keeping a look out for your work and you can see it now too here.

Look out for the next in our series – who will you find?  Will you recognise them?  I wonder what other success stories you’ll find?